Facebook Live: Now Everybody Can Have Their Own Live TV Show

User-generated video isn’t new at all (YouTube was launched in 2005). Live video isn’t even new (Ustream launched in 2007). What’s pretty new is real-time, easy-to-broadcast video on social media (Periscope and Meerkat both came out in 2015).

What’s next – what’s already happening – is the ability to broadcast yourself live, using a device familiar to 68% of Americans (a smartphone), through a platform that 156.5 million of them already use: Facebook.

Facebook Live is what will make (just about) every American a digital broadcaster.

As a small business owner you now have the potential to produce the kind of content social media users are eating up: informal, intimate, immediate video.


Yes. Traditional media is where “formally” produced content lives. Television is the prom. You spend good money on it; you would never dream of wearing sweatpants. Facebook is the afterparty you’re your friends where you can loosen up and get real. It’s the place where the sin of not creating perfect video is forgiven as long as you have a personality.


Yup. Facebook is called social media because it encourages socializing. Video is not for consumption so much as it is for relationship building. You’re not only allowed, but encouraged to share a little bit of the person (or people) behind the business. There is no more intimate way to do that than with live video.


Uh-huh. As in, no net, no chance to correct mistakes … and no opportunity to pretend to be someone you’re not. This is the hardest part for many small business owners. It’s not the cost (free or minimal if you pay to boost), it’s not the technology (you already use it) and it’s not the time (you already spend time interacting with customers, right?). It’s the fear of screwing up, looking bad, sounding dumb.

You know what? You own a successful business. That makes you brave, bold, innovative and relatable. Conclusion: you have nothing to fear … and everything to gain by spending a few minutes on camera.

Nothing will grab the attention of your target audience like live video. If you’re still not sure you can manage it, read a step-by-step tutorial on how to use Facebook Live here. If you still need help – or even just a cheerleader – give us a call. We can’t wait to see your show!