Spotted Monkey Truck

Have you seen the Spotted Monkey Truck yet?  If you haven’t seen it around Muncie yet, you will soon.  Surprise Party

On Sunday, October 16th, 2016 – Ashli, our Head of Monkey Business, was surprised with a 1965 International Harvester D1000 Fleetside Spotted Monkey Marketing Truck along with a surprise party filled with family, friends and clients at our office.  We also have a new 4 foot sock monkey as our mascot for the truck and the office, too!

Be on the look out for the Spotted Monkey Truck and if you are looking for a unique marketing idea, let’s chat!


6 Ways Car Dealers Win with Social Media

Social media marketing is not easy. It definitely takes work and plan. Car dealers have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and sales. You (the sales staff) have to put in time and effort the same way you do on the sales floor. The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can apply the very same tactics you’re already using on the sales floor to engage your social media followers.  (get it?)

You’re folksy. You have the gift of gab. You’re good-looking (of course you are!). You LOVE your product. You’re funny. In other words … you are social. The key to being engaging on social media is to be you, online.

Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Use your personality. When people come into the dealership, you turn on the charm so they will like and feel comfortable with you. You are the connection between the customer and the product. So don’t just show us (social media followers) things. Show us pics and videos of yourselves, sales people! Write a personalized post. Share a brief story. People want to see people!

2. Let us in on the joke. It makes customers feel they are among friends when you share with them what you and another salesperson were yucking it up about as they were walking in. Be just as inclusive on social media. If somebody told a good (clean) joke today, share it!

3. Give us insider information. Everybody wants to see behind closed doors. Have you ever told a customer something they’re not going to hear anywhere else? Maybe there’s a color you don’t advertise but you know you can get it? Reward people for following you on social media with that kind of insider info.

4. Geek out. Visitors to your store get to see your passion for your product when you talk about it. Show us online! Write a personal story or review of a new vehicle, or better yet, talk about it in a video.

5. Invite us to a party. If you have a big event going on –not just a sale, but an event your dealership is sponsoring – that’s a great talking point. Use the Facebook event feature and invite us!

6. Show us something cute. Anybody on staff have an adorable pet? Did your kid make you a valentine at school? Did you snap pics of anything you know will make your customers say, “Awwww?” Show us, too!

It’s simple, car dealers. What works in the store works online. Along with those shiny vehicles with eye-popping features and slashed prices, show your social media audience the secret to your success: you!

If you are struggling to maintain or create an effective social media campaign, let Spotted Monkey Marketing help you.  We can bring out the personality, create an engaged audience, help boost sales and overall dealership awareness.