Understanding Website Management: The Story of Molly the Monkey

There once was a blue stuffed monkey named Molly who was sad because she hated her job. She worked in a box factory making boxes for stuffed animal accessories like tiny plastic tiaras and skirts and baseball caps.

Molly didn’t want to make boxes. She wanted to make the things that went in them!

So Molly stayed up late at night and taught herself how to make beautiful stuffed animal accessories. She took them to the local makers market and discovered that people (and stuffed animals) adored her creations.

Molly saved up the money she made at the makers market. After a few months she was ready. It was time to take the leap. Molly quit her job at the box factory and got to work building her business.

She created a website using WordPress (which was extremely difficult with cotton hands); posted lots of pictures she took of her accessories modeled by her best friend, Albert the Green Stuffed Alligator; started blogging about interesting topics like being a stuffed monkey business owner in a market dominated by plastic action figures; set up an online store where most people understood it was the accessories that were for sale, not the stuffed monkey.

In no time, her business was a hit! She was selling almost as much merchandise online as she was at expos. It was like a dream come true.

Molly became a happy blue stuffed monkey.

One morning, Molly woke up, stepped down from her rocking chair, cleaned up with a lint roller and got online as usual. When she tried to go to her website, she gasped.

There was nothing there! Nothing but a white screen. She felt like she was dying. It was like … a white screen of death.

She went to the support forums at wordpress.org but didn’t understand anything she was reading. She thought she could just email someone there, but alas, WordPress doesn’t do email support.

Molly was now bluer than ever before.

Then she had an idea! She contacted Spotted Monkey Marketing (seemed like her kind of place) and asked for help.

After just one consultation, Molly learned that:

  • The messages she’d been ignoring from her web hosting service about the need to manually update WordPress periodically were actually very important!
  • The contact form she had set up on her site hadn’t been working in months and she had missed lots of business.
  • The reason she was having problems with images not showing up correctly was because her “theme” (the basic design) was old and barely compatible with the version of WordPress she was running, which was now itself outdated.

Molly had not been maintaining her website.

Molly was so glad she came to Spotted Monkey Marketing, because Molly did not want to go back to the box factory! Spotted Monkey’s staff helped get her online sales flowing again. For a low monthly fee they began keeping her website maintained so she wouldn’t have to worry about it ever again.

Molly the Blue Stuffed Monkey’s business grew and grew, and she and her staff of hundreds (more than the box factory ever had) lived happily ever after.