The Best and Worst Days of My Life – Airs on Radio!!

In July of 2019, our very own Design Monkey, Ruthie Shellabarger worked alongside The Facing Project and Brad Daugherty to put his story in writing. The story, “The Best and Worst Days of My Life,” won Best Story in last year’s summer storytelling festival.

Over the course of the past year, The Facing Project has been highlighting two stories each month from past Facing Projects and then have commentary on the themes/topics. The idea of the show is that, on the surface, the two stories may seem vastly different, but through the commentary, listeners are able to better relate these stories to their own lives.

For anyone who is interested in hearing this heart-rending story, it will air on The Facing Project Radio Show this Thursday evening at 6:30 EST on Indiana Public Radio (92.1, locally). It will then be available via NPR’s podcast on Monday, May 20. Anyone anywhere in the world can access the podcast via this link

If you haven’t already been following the Daugherty family, this is what the story is about:

The Daugherty family has recently gone through the unimaginable. Their youngest son, Christian, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, at only six years old. The past six months have been the worst they could have ever imagined but our community came together to help in their time of need. Christian’s progress has been a miracle and the family has not lost faith through it all.

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