A Client’s Journey Through LinkedIn

The professional world can often seem like a vast and overwhelming place, but at the end of the day, in 2020, almost every connection a business or a client needs is in the palm of their hand.
When a potential client is searching for financial services, a very thorough search occurs, one that may happen without the potential client ever leaving their seat. With all of the information in the world at their fingertips, where can a potential client go to find truthful and professional insights on finance?
Not Facebook, not Twitter, not even trusted blogs are sought after as much as LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn’s analytics, 80% of its members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making. If that isn’t an opportunity for financial advisors, I’m not sure what is.
It can be hard to get into the mindset of the potential client for the other end of things. Here’s what the client’s journey often looks like today, from the client’s point of view:
Step 1 (Need Awareness):
Financial tips shared on LinkedIn clued me in on the need for a consultant.
Step 2 (Consultant Search):
I began searching online for advisors in my area.
Step 3 (Industry Research):
I glanced at a few websites and some of them looked very professional.
Step 4 (Peer Research):
I asked friends about the advisors I found and many of them confirmed that you were a good choice.
Step 5 (Consultant Research):
I looked you up specifically, skimmed your website again and looked at your LinkedIn profile. You looked like someone I could work with.
Step 6 (Passive Contact):
I forgot for a while that I had meant to talk with someone about my financial situation. I wasn’t quite ready to call, but that’s when I connected with you on LinkedIn so I’d remember you.
Step 7 (Active Contact):
I kept seeing your posts and thinking, “I need to give him/her a call!” Well, it feels like such a chore to pick up the phone these days, as long as I was on LinkedIn I looked up your contact info and emailed you.
Step 8 (Consultation):
Thanks for meeting with me today!
It isn’t typical for every new client to have this much awareness of the process they follow when choosing a financial services provider, but there’s a reason why 62% of financial advisors actively prospecting on LinkedIn over the past year converted new clients from that process. Let us help you use this powerful tool to grow your financial services business!
Sources for the information on this blog are found at and Neil Patel.

2019 Monkey Recap

For Spotted Monkey Marketing, 2019 was a big year and came with all kinds of changes, new opportunities, and new monkeys! We started our Monkey Spotlight Promotion, where each month we pick a client to be featured in our Great Deals ad and Monkey Spotlight blog. One of our monkeys became a member of the Cardinal Success Chapter of BNI!  And some of our monkeys got out on the loose a few times for our clients and other monkey business reasons. Here’s a quick recap of all the monkey business that went down in 2019!


The monkeys were out and about more than ever before! From taste-testing for Delaware Country Club to Escaping the Mansion at Escape Muncie, our monkeys sure know how to get around the town! Glad Tidings Church had a grand opening for their Student Ministries Center, and the monkeys showed up in their Sunday best! Crestview began offering footgolf at the golf course, which the monkeys took on proudly in the heat of July. Later in the year, the monkeys took a ride on the MITS bus, snapping pictures and taking the route all through the town.

Photo by Kyla Jo Photography

A very special outing for the monkeys was for their very own monkey Ruthie aka Foofy’s wedding on October 19th! Ruthie Shellabarger became Ruthie Grigoletti, and
the monkeys came to support her, decked out and ready to leave it all on the dance floor! Monkeys Ashli, Heather, Hailey, and Foofy, danced the night away! Congratulations, Foofy!




A Year of Giving

Spotted Monkey Marketing loves the Muncie community, and the monkeys made waves in the community this year by offering their marketing services at non-profit events throughout the year. In November, Spotted Monkey participated at the 4th Annual Website Thru the Night. Five web design teams converged to make five different websites for non-profit organizations in the local community over one 24-hour period, click here to learn more about this year’s event! The monkeys joined the geeks for a night of generosity, laughter, and lots of caffeine.

In December, the monkey team arose at the crack of dawn one wintery Saturday morning to help at Secret Families, a day of magic and ministry. Secret Families provides Christmas to hundreds of families, that otherwise would not have Christmas. Spotted Monkey also works behind the scenes for Secret Families and always enjoys getting involved in any way that they can!

New Monkeys

This year three new monkeys were brought on to the monkey office: Sara, Namya, and James! Our Design Monkeys are very valuable to the team and help in many different ways, from researching content to creating designs. New brains and new perspectives always help to keep things fresh! Welcome to the team, new monkeys!

A New Decade for New Opportunities

As the Spotted Monkey team swings into 2020, we look forward to continuing to grow, learn, and adapt as the marketing industry continuously evolves. Since 2020 is going to be another big year of growth, why not be a part of it? Consider Spotted Monkey Marketing as your go-to provider for all of your traditional and digital marketing needs. There are many avenues, but only one spot. Call us at 765-273-7730 for more information, and happy 2020!



Monkey Spotlight – MITS

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Our Monkey Spotlight for January 2020 is Muncie Indiana Transit System aka MITS! Monkey Spotlight is a promotion that Spotted Monkey began last summer where each month we place an ad in the Great Deals magazine with a promotion you can’t miss from one of our very own clients!


Over the years, Spotted Monkey Marketing has had the pleasure of working alongside MITS through traditional advertising as well as social media and website maintenance. Spotted Monkey also updates the MITS Bus Book every year! And we love finding new and innovative ways to help MITS thrive in this community.


Amanda Price with MITS says, “Spotted Monkey handles all of our social media and maintains the MITS website.  I literally do not have to worry about our social media or website.  The monkey’s add content quickly when asked and respond to questions themselves or contact MITS for answers that they aren’t sure about.  When given an idea or topic, they run with it and produce a polished professional result every time.  Not only are they providing superb design work, but they are also all fantastic to work with. I highly recommend Spotted Monkey Marketing to anyone that wants to maintain a consistent, professional social media presence!”


So what is going on at MITS?! MITS is VERY excited to announce the new MITS app, MITSBus! It will be available for iOS and android beginning January 13, 2020. The new app refreshes every SIX SECONDS – this should drastically improve the reliability of the information provided to riders!


MITS also just finished their Reindeer on a Route promotion. MITS appreciates everyone who participated. This was a fun promotion that will return in 2020.  In fact, the reindeer enjoyed the Muncie Community so much, he may come out again before Christmas 2020.  Special thanks to The Caffeinery, The Barking Cow, Muncie Children’s Museum and Kennedy Library for allowing #MITSReindeer to visit their locations.  Congratulations to the winner of the AirPods: Kortney Edwards!


Do you ride MITS? If not, you should! The monkeys at Spotted Monkey love riding the MITS bus! It is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get around Muncie! Find out for yourself!! And for the month of January, anyone that shows the blog post to the booth attendant at the transfer station will receive a MITS promotional item.