LinkedIn : The Crowned King of B2B and B2C Marketing

In one sense, nothing about the process of selecting a financial advisor, accountant or other financial consultant has ever changed.

However, everything about the tools clients use to form impressions of consultants has changed in the social media age.

The traditional model for seeking clients still works. It is still beneficial to network face-to-face by joining boards, attending service club meetings (such as Rotary), being an active member in a referral marketing group (such as BNI), etc. The goal ofcourse is to secure warm referrals and convert them to business leads. This is an important and vital component of your marketing strategy.

Here’s what has changed. While it used to be sufficient to have memberships to in-person networking associations, there is a new “club” that has asserted itself in recent years as the primary source for respected financial advisors. It’s called LinkedIn.

Financial advisors, if these statistics don’t make alarms go off in your head, I recommend looking over them once more. Not only is LinkedIn a useful tool for connecting businesses and clients, but also businesses to businesses. No other social media platform can do this in such a streamlined and professional way. Individuals and businesses alike that are seeking to connect to other businesses will definitely find more reliable business at a conference or from inside sales of some sort, but when it comes to reaching the widest audience of people that are potentially outside of your professional circle, LinkedIn is king.

If you have further questions about the powerful tool that is LinkedIn or have other marketing needs, don’t hesitate to reach out! Always remember, there are many avenues but there is only one spot!


When Spam Gets Expensive: How To Spot Fake Domain Expiration Letters

More often than not, today it is more likely to find unsolicited messages in your email inbox opposed to your physical mailbox. But that is not always the case. Business owners and non-profits are still targeted for mailing scams and unless you know what to look for, they could cost you a lot of money.

Several Spotted Monkey clients have been mailed fraudulent domain expiration notices from unknown companies. These letters look very real. However, if you have your domain or hosting with Spotted Monkey Marketing your letter will always have Spotted Monkey branding on it and we will typically send you the invoice via email.

If you receive an invoice or a domain expiration letter from a company you are not familiar with, whether it is by mail or an email, do not pay it. Even if you recognize the service you are being billed for, do not pay it. Contact Spotted Monkey Marketing, or whoever handles your domain and hosting or any other services, to verify the information you have received. We will be able to determine if the invoice is fake.

If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Small Business, Big Reach: Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to reach out to new customers and maintain relationships with current customers. Email campaigns are affordable (MailChimp and Constant Contact are good examples) and easy to set up. As your mailing list grows, so will your business!

Adding Subscribers

Give customers the option to opt into your emails. You could have a sign-up sheet at the checkout counter, or add an eye-catching sign-up widget to your website. To add incentive, you could have a contest that is only available to subscribers or give new subscribers a deal on their next purchase.

Whichever method you choose, be honest about why you are collecting their emails. Send an initial email thanking them for signing up. And if they unsubscribe from your list, don’t keep sending them emails! You don’t want to have a reputation for being annoying.

Building a Strategy

Newsletters are the most popular form of email marketing. Contests and coupons are also easy to email out, but be careful not to overdo it. You want to be clear that you care about the subscribers, not just their money.

If you would like to generate sales leads but don’t want to manually send the same email every time to every new lead, create a drip campaign! Emails can be triggered when customers take certain actions on your website or on the email itself. For example, a hair salon might schedule a reminder to subscribers who have an appointment coming up, and then set a post-treatment hair care email to go out so many days after their appointment. A drip campaign would also be ideal for sharing education material or training videos to new clients, as well as leading up to the unveiling of a new product or service. This site has an excellent infographic detailing best practices for drip campaigns.

Creating Effective Content

Keep your content helpful and relevant. Send content that your subscribers will find interesting – so if you’re a financial advisor, the best investment practices would make better email content than an article about cybersecurity or bashing Millennials.

Keep your content brief and to the point. Avoid using too many images – those emails are more likely to be marked as spam. And don’t trick subscribers with a misleading subject line. Honesty is the best policy: email marketing is still representative of your brand.

Constantly test the effectiveness of your email strategy. Keeping track of who opens which emails will help you refine your content to target specific leads.

Would you like to start an email marketing campaign? Give Spotted Monkey a call! We can walk you through email set-up and tailor the best strategy for your message.

There are many avenues, but there’s only one spot.