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Asana for Non-Profits

March 30, 2020 (0) Comments

Asana is a useful and powerful tool that Spotted Monkey Marketing has been using for a while, and now, Asana is extending free subscriptions to qualified non-profits to help fight COVID-19! With a large variety of amazing efficiency-enhancing features, Asana can bring your productivity up to the next level. 

Over 75% of customers have reported that Asana increases accountability. 82% of Asana’s customers say it helps to increase clarity, and 74% say that it helps their company hit deadlines. Asana effectively puts all the information surrounding company projects in one central location. Asana goes even further and has features like the Timeline, which gives you the ability to draft up plans quickly and clearly, set priority on each task within said plans, and get feedback from co-workers on them quickly. There is also a system within Asana that streamlines the way that work requests are done, keeping the time away from high-priority projects to a minimum. Since every project and all the information surrounding them can be found in one central hub, tracking and reporting progress is incredibly easy too! 

If you own or are a part of a non-profit organization that is providing relief in some way during the COVID-19 outbreak, consider looking into applying for a free Asana Premium Subscription

Over here at Spotted Monkey Marketing, we’ve become a highly efficient and communicative marketing team with the help of Asana. And Asana isn’t the only team offering free services! The Monkey Crew is offering free, one-hour marketing brainstorming sessions to help shoulder the burden that these challenging times have brought upon all businesses. You can reach us here for your session. Stay safe out there!


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