Monkey Spotlight – The Farmhouse Merc

Our April Monkey Spotlight is The Farmhouse Merc! The Farmhouse Merc offers “adorable, figure flattering, and high quality made clothing to you without the typical mark-up!” With her farming background, the owner of the boutique offers stylish western and farm related clothes for women and teen girls. The physical store can be found in Jonesboro, IN right off of I-69, but their merchandise is always peruse-able online! Another thing that makes The Farmhouse Merc special is that a customer can shop by appointment as well as during select open shopping hours and at pop up shops all over the Midwest.

What does Spotted Monkey do for The Farmhouse Merc?

Though The Farmhouse Merc is a relatively new client, Spotted Monkey has had the pleasure of being knee-deep in social media maintenance, website assistance, and overall guidance/marketing ideas, all within an affordable budget. It’s been an honor to help promote this unique, wonderful business and watch it flourish.

What’s going on at Farmhouse right now?

Last February, The Farmhouse Merc put up a lovely, new website! Take a look at it here to get a sampling of what they have to offer. In addition to the site launch, The Farmhouse Merc recently went to the Kentucky Beef Expo to help bring some color and pop to all passersby. Something that’s always new at The Farmhouse Merc is their inventory – new items come in every single week! 

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Monkey Spotlight – Retina Consultants

Our Monkey Spotlight for March is Retina Consultants! Retina Consultants is located in Muncie, IN and provides specialized eye care for conditions affecting the retina and the vitreous including:

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Macular Hole
  • Retinal Vascular Disease
  • Ocular Trauma


What does Spotted Monkey Do for Retina Consultants?

Over the years, Spotted Monkey Marketing has had the pleasure of working alongside Retina Consultants through content development, website maintenance, and other marketing-related strategies. One of the many things that Spotted Monkey does for Retina Consultants in deliver goodie baskets to Retina’s clients. Below is a photo of some of the items that we include in the goodie baskets that we deliver! This one in specific was for St. Patty’s Day, as you can see!


So what is going on at Retina Consultants right now?

Retina Consultants is always looking for events to attend in the community! Spotted Monkey has the pleasure of researching these events and sometimes even attending them. So next time you are out and about at a health fair or expo, keep your eye out for Retina Consultants. You may even spot a monkey!


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And always remember, there are many avenues, but there is only one spot!


Monkey Spotlight – Kramer Real Estate

Our Monkey Spotlight for February is Kreamer Real Estate Group! Monkey Spotlight is a promotion that Spotted Monkey began this past summer where each month we place an ad in the Great Deals magazine with a promotion you can’t miss from one of our very own clients!

Over the years, Spotted Monkey Marketing has had the pleasure of working alongside the Kramer Group through social media maintenance, website maintenance and content development.

“A media presence is key in our industry. It’s not only important to have a website, but it’s also crucial to continually be in front of a clientele that cycles less often than most other markets of the industry. We may not see a buyer again as a buyer/seller for many years, so when they do need our services again in the future we want to make sure they think of us first. This will happen by the service and personal approach we offer our buyers and sellers, but also through automated emails, newsletters, and greeting cards. Spotted Monkey has helped us facilitate all of these over the past few years. With their help, we’ve also increased our social media presence as well as our placement within a Google search” – Katie Wray, Buyer Specialist at The Kramer Real Estate Group.

So what is going on with the Kramer Group right now? The Kramer Group has a few commercials circulating the airways, so listen for them! They are promoting buying and selling during the colder months. It’s a common misconception that this is a bad time to look for and/or list a home, but that’s just not true. They have had many buyers find great deals this time of year and sellers can stand out in a market that typically sees a slight reduction of inventory this time of year. If you are considering selling your home or looking for a new home, give The Kramer Group a call and they will help you will all of your real estate needs!

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