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Facebook’s Algorithm Updates: What They Mean for Your Business

February 13, 2017 (0) Comments

Facebook is notorious for its algorithms. They control what appears on your feed and when, which can be annoying or helpful, and they are also constantly changing. Stay up to date on the most recent changes so your Facebook marketing strategy can be as successful as possible.

The most recent algorithm update is actually two updates. The first affects how Facebook judged the authenticity of your posted content. The second changes how Facebook tracks real-time changes. Both affect how your Page appears on other feeds.

Facebook judges authenticity

Facebook determines what content should show up on a user’s feed by a) judging the user’s interests or engagement with other users and pages, and b) judging the content that they may see. If the content from your Page looks inauthentic, then odds are that your content will not show up on your audience’s feeds. Which is bad.

So what makes your Page look inauthentic? Explicitly asking for likes, comments or shares is a tactic Facebook finds to be “dishonest and inauthentic.” Another example is posting content that your audience frequently hides or reports, like clickbait or fake news. The more you have in common with Pages that do these things, the more likely Facebook will decide to keep your content off the feeds.

Facebook tracks real-time changes

You may already know that Facebook puts items on your feed that are relevant to you at that moment. That means that some of the posts you see could have been posted yesterday, or a few hours before. It also means that you might not see new content that was posted at the same time you’re looking at your feed.

The second algorithm update adds more relevant posts to your feed based on real-time activity. A post may appear higher on your feed if it is related to a popular topic on Facebook at that moment (like the Grammys, a national holiday or a trending news topic), or if the post is getting a lot of engagement at that moment. This doesn’t mean that you have to constantly monitor Facebook for relevant trending topics. It is better to schedule posts for publication in advance so that you are free to live post if the opportunity arises.


A good Facebook marketing strategy should be aware of algorithm updates and use them to their advantage, but won’t cut corners when it comes to genuine audience interaction. There is a lot you can do to draw attention to your Page. Feature fan-generated content. Reply to comments and tagged posts. Let your voice shine through so your followers can see the personal side of your business. Mix up the kinds of content you post: articles, text, video blogs, audio clips, photos, and slide shows. Not only will these strategies help your Page show up on feeds, but it will also keep your audience interested and engaged.

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