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How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost?

September 21, 2016 (0) Comments

If you’re like most people, your eyes likely just scanned the page in search of numbers. Now that you’ve seen them, do they make any sense? Probably not without a little explanation.

Let’s start over.

Digital marketing, like marketing in general, requires a wide range of investment dollars depending on a number of factors. The main question is, what is the goal?

“Make money!” you say. Okay, fair enough. Maybe the better question is, what are the intermediate goals between where you are and where you want to end up?

Goal #1: Retain customers with improved service. If you are suffering from customer attrition because of staffing issues your primary goal might be to attract better talent before you refocus on sales.

  • Scenario 1: High stress environment with high turnover. You will need an ongoing campaign to continue filling your staffing pipeline.
  • Scenario 2: Complex work requirements. You will need to make resources available online and use SEO (search engine optimization) to lead them there.

Goal #2: Increase familiarity with your brand through dialogue. If you sell an unknown or expensive product or service, your primary goal might be to encourage engagement.

  • Scenario 1: New business. You may want to use social media to invite the public to special events.
  • Scenario 2: Wide variety of target demographics. Consider how many social media platforms you need to utilize to reach each group.

Goal #3: Educate the public. If you are a for-profit or nonprofit service provider that contributes to public well-being, you may need to bring issues to the public’s attention.

  • Scenario 1: Target audience prefers more traditional communication. You may need to consider incorporating e-mail marketing into your digital mix.
  • Scenario 2: Battling misinformation from competitors that damages your industry. A digital group space may be an effective strategy for addressing concerns as a thought leader.

These scenarios really just scratch the surface of potential digital marketing needs. Solutions may involve a website build, site maintenance, management of multiple social media platforms, e-newsletter distribution, etc. Or it may only require a few Facebook posts per week.

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