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Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2017

February 18, 2017 (0) Comments

Instagram Predictions for 2017

In the past few years, Instagram has evolved from a static image-posting site to must-have marketing platform. This isn’t to say it’s the best marketing platform for every business, but there is no denying that Instagram has come a long way in the past few years. Perhaps the greatest addition to the platform has been Instagram Stories. Before InstaStories, businesses had to use Snapchat for that kind of spontaneous behind-the-scenes look, but Instagram now makes that kind of personal storytelling possible. And unlike Snapchat, Instagram makes it very easy to connect with friends and followers across other social media platforms. With features like a call to action that can bring users to your website by clicking on a photo, Instagram is taking the lead in the visual marketing world.

Two of the best business-savvy changes are shoppable tags and post notifications, but those are just a few of the ways Instagram is shaping up to be

Shoppable Tags

Shoppable tags are only visible if users tap the “View Products” button, so your photos feel more like beautiful photos and less like ads. When users click on a product tag, an in-app page pops up with details, pricing, and a Shop Now button that can take users directly to the page where they can place an order. Eventually it may be possible to put shoppable tags in videos as well as photos. This is a great improvement from only being able to post links in your bio! Shoppable tags are still in the testing stages, but they are a promising development for any business, from furniture to food.

Post Notifications

This feature was already available, but it will become even more important over the next year. Instagram is testing out a nonchronological feed – much like Facebook’s algorithm-driven feed – meaning users will see posts they are more likely to be interested in instead of posts from everyone they follow. While the new algorithms are still being tested (and probably won’t be as annoying as Facebook’s algorithms), it wouldn’t hurt to encourage your followers to turn on post notifications. Then they will be notified whenever you post a new photo or video to Instagram. Not only would this be great for rolling out new products, but it will safeguard against losing your posts in the shuffle.

Social Media Examiner inspired this article and is great resource for all things social media.

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