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Spring Cleaning Your Creative Content

March 1, 2020 (0) Comments

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your office. If you’ve been using the same marketing strategy for the past year, this is a good time to look over your content and see what needs polishing up or thrown out.

As the snow melts and flowers start to bloom, take a good look at your strategic content and ask yourself these questions.

Does my content reflect my brand?

We’ve talked about how important consistency and authenticity is to your brand and to modern audiences. Has your content been staying on brand over the past year? Or has the message gotten lost? If it has, maybe you just need to make different content – or maybe you need to rethink your brand.

If you’ve been using the same content for a while and haven’t been seeing much results, shake things up a bit! Your brand doesn’t have to be limited to social media graphics or business cards. Hand out some promotional products. Dispense some new flyers. Or maybe use Facebook Live around the office! Mix things up a bit to broaden your audience and increase audience response.

Is my website up to date?

All of your content should pull new customers to your website. If your website is out of date, then the flow of new customers is interrupted, possibly for good. Not only will it put off customers but it will also cause you to rank lower on the Google Search results.

Glance over your website for anything that needs to be updated – contact information, photos, services or product listings, your SEO or maybe even the design of your site (responsive web design is the future). If the updates are extensive, we can help.

Am I emailing the void?

Monthly e-newsletters and email campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with current clients and keep that relationship strong. Clean up your emailing list. If someone hasn’t opened one of the last 8 monthly emails, it’s probably safe to remove them from your list. Or maybe you need to add some names.

Does this even count as a marketing strategy?

If your last Facebook post was in October 2017, you’re not taking advantage of all the marketing opportunities social media offers. A good strategy needs a steady flow of content. We’re not saying you should be posting to Instagram every three hours! But you do need a plan, and that plan needs to include a steady flow of content.

Maybe you don’t have a marketing strategy at all. Maybe you don’t have a mailing list – or a website! If that’s the case, Spotted Monkey is here for you. We can walk you through the basic steps of creating a marketing strategy revolving on your brand (and if you don’t have a brand, we can help with that too).

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