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Attorneys: 3 Reasons Why LinkedIn is your Greatest Digital Asset

May 12, 2020 (0) Comments

Social media is a useful tool and a massive dumping ground. The consciousness of today’s internet surfer is spread immensely thin over a worldwide network of noise, opinion, and squabble. How could an attorney flag the attention of anyone in this sea of blinking lights and flashing banners?

The answer is simple. LinkedIn is the best platform for attorneys, hands down.

According to DigitalBiz, 80 percent of B2B leads over social media are found on LinkedIn. Additionally, 40 percent of all internet users make daily use of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not like Facebook or Instagram: where businesses, national news, and your in-laws’ dog pictures are constantly vying for your attention. LinkedIn is an entirely different beast that you should personally consider when thinking about expanding your online brand, and here’s why:

1) Business to Business, Not Business to Mindless

The tone of LinkedIn is not like other platforms that want you to connect with friends. LinkedIn is all about connecting serious, intentional people with other serious, intentional people looking to foster mutually beneficial business relationships. This can range from hiring new employees to entire companies merging. The benefit to being an attorney on LinkedIn is, well, everyone’s buying what you’re selling. You can find your current and former business connections and utilize their online business networks to find people that may need an attorney. Sometimes, business can come from a connection-of-a-connection-of-a-connection. It may sound ridiculous, but isn’t that how face-to-face business works too?

2) An Online Portfolio for the World to See

Your LinkedIn profile is like a robust resume that anyone in the world can see. When developing your profile, make sure you disclose all your previous law experience and delve into some of your previous projects or your specialties within law. You never know what detail in your profile may be the keyword to a potential client’s LinkedIn search. The more you include on your profile, the more people will come searching for you. When you are on the hunt for clients, you will also have the benefit of knowing your potential client’s previous work experience and aspirations, so you can reach out to people with more precision than ever.

3) Iron Sharpening Iron

Throughout your searches and networking, you will more than likely connect with professionals that have similar passions and specialties to you. Many people write and share articles on LinkedIn that they think will benefit their fellow professionals. These articles are always worth further investigation, because the information within may help you become a better attorney or even inspire you to write an article that you could write or share and increase your exposure on LinkedIn.

Don’t have the time or don’t know where to begin?

Creating a vast network and increasing exposure on LinkedIn is very important, but takes a lot of consistency, familiarity, and activity on the platform. Spotted Monkey Marketing specializes in doing just that! Plus we have a tool to generate connections and leads.  

We can take care of the heavy lifting on LinkedIn so you can focus on doing what you do best – being an amazing public servant and interpreting the law for the rest of us! 

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