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Attorneys: Handling the Demands of COVID-19

April 22, 2020 (0) Comments

“Shelter in Place” and “Essential Workers” are regular terms in our lives now. Every day it seems we are consistently bumping into new obstacles as the crisis continues to unfold (and its long-term implications). It’s a time of national uncertainty and restlessness.  People are nervous, sad, angered, and the list of emotions continues. During these uncertain times, you continue to show up and work for your clients.  People still need you. 

Attorneys have been named essential in many states-and with good reason. The services that you provide to your clients in this time are crucial to not only helping them navigate the day-to-day of the crisis but also bracing them for the aftershocks to follow.  Being open comes with its unique challenges, like how do you continue to attract new clients during a pandemic? 

Demand for legal help is always there, but how do you attract new clients during COVID-19 if they are unsure if you are open? 


  • Build Relationships – Move your networking groups online using tools like Zoom.  Check out a Facebook Group or another networking group that has established themselves online since Covid-19.  Ask us about our LinkedIN Connection Tool, guaranteed to increase your connections and leads! 
  • Social Media – People are searching for trusted, reliable sources during this time of uncertainty.  Now is the time to create original content using videos or writing content. Then be sure to share! (Don’t have the time or not sure where to begin, click here.)
  • Digital AdsIf you are taking on new clients and not doing some type of digital ads, you are missing out on leads and potential clients.  

Be visible to your clients and future clients. 

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