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Financial Advisors – Focus on What You Do Best

April 13, 2020 (0) Comments

On the week of March 16th, 2020, the stock markets dipped to their lowest point since the crash of 2008. It seems that now, after 2 weeks of downward spiraling, that a bottom might be forming. Widespread panic and conflicting narratives about the present and future pervade the dialogue going on in the United States. Everyone has a different spin on what the state of the world is and how we ought to be responding. Social media platforms have become podiums of indoctrination, and it’s nearly impossible for an individual to piece together what’s going on when they seek coverage of the current state of the world.

That’s why the world needs you – financial advisors – to use your expertise and put out informed data about the state of the stock market, how we should respond, what the future looks like, and so on. In a time like this, it would be criminal for a financial advisor not to want to market themselves as stocks rise and plummet in the span of hours: to advertise themselves and their valuable services. However, what the world needs more right now is experts speaking about their expertise to better inform their clients. That’s why here at Spotted Monkey we are encouraging you to leave the marketing to us so that you are free to spend all your time tackling the crisis and keeping people informed. 

Spotted Monkey Marketing uses platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to inform the audience you’re seeking of the incredibly useful services that you provide. In addition to social media marketing, we also tackle mobile advertising, Google My Business, blogwriting, and even traditional advertising as well. So, let us use our expertise to allow you to spend more time using yours.

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