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Is Your Wix Website Not Showing Up On Google?

August 13, 2020 (0) Comments

In today’s day and age, having a functioning and visually appealing website is crucial for a company to survive. Are you proud of your current website? Do you appear on Google when your target market is searching keywords? If your answer is no for either of these questions, you need to call Spotted Monkey Marketing so we can access what is wrong with your search engine optimization. 

Spotted Monkey Marketing works with several different website programs such as WordPress, Weebly, and Wix, to name a few. We have recently found that some of our Wix website clients tend not to show up on Google when their target market searches keywords affiliated with their business. 

In one particular case, we optimized and updated the entire website, purchased Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages, and even ran ads hoping that the site would start showing up on Google. Unfortunately, it did not. After troubleshooting and analyzing the website, we began to look into Wix.

As it turns out, Wix significantly decreases any chance of implementing SEO and consequently reduces the opportunity you have of appearing high in search results or even appearing at all.

We realize that a Wix website is appealing in many cases because you can opt-in for a free or cheaper option compared to using other programs or even hiring someone else to do it. However, even though you can create a visually appealing website for little to no cost, you may be costing yourself more in the long run because, with the free version, there is little to no SEO. SEO is the process of using different tools and tactics to boost your website’s ranking in search engine results. For more information about SEO, view our blog, “No More Hide-n-Seek: Adding SEO to Your Website.” 

Wix is, in fact, NOT free, read that again. We realize that technically the most basic version costs $0.00, but with that comes Wix branding everywhere and no analytic tools available to you. You can upgrade to other packages, but even with those, they are pretty affordable when it comes to the monthly cost. 

But what the real issue is is that for your website to have decent functionality, you have to connect apps or plugins from their app store, which cost money. The highest cost when using Wix is essentially hidden from users. Wix appeals to unseasoned people who need a website and do not know where or how to start. 

The reality is, to have a well functioning and searchable website, you will either need to skip Wix all together, or spend some additional money for a below-average website at best. Wix creates visually appealing sites for people who want a quick and cheap fix. However, unless your only goal is for people to get there solely through the link, then you will need to use a different platform to be found.

Have you noticed that your target market cannot find you on various search engines? Do you need a website update? Give us a call at 765-273-7730. We are happy to help in any way we can and want the best digital experience possible for our clients.