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No More Hide-n-Seek: Adding SEO to Your Website

April 30, 2020 (0) Comments

You’ve finally finished your website (awesome!) and now all your friends can find your business online. You do a quick google of your business name – and your website doesn’t pop up. It’s not even on the second page of search results! You know your website is live on the web because you just checked the URL.

So where did your site go?!

It’s still there, but unfortunately, it doesn’t just magically appear on the top of page one for all searches.  It takes time. First, the basics need to be completed while it’s being built and then you must maintain your site and SEO.

SEO from the Ground-Up

SEO keywords and meta descriptions are what set your site apart from other similar sites. Some site builders like Weebly and Wix are already set up with basic SEO and are accessible to beginners. Other site builders like WordPress offer free SEO plugins for additional customization, with purchasable upgrades.

Even so, never assume your website is fully optimized. You can have the best SEO keyword, but your website can still rank low on the search results because of other technical problems: broken internal and external links, old code, short meta descriptions, non-responsive website design, poor page loading speed, unhelpful and outdated content, just to name a few (click here to learn more about fixing technical issues).

Even if your website is technically perfect, Google might not have indexed it yet. New websites take a few hours up to a few weeks to appear in Google search results. That’s not because of anything you did; it’s just how long it takes for Google to recognize and trust your site.

These are just things to do behind the scenes of your website.  It does not include the things you must do with Google and other search engines to make sure your website is visible. 

Bonus Boosts for Search Engine Optimization

Any amount of SEO will improve your Google ranking, but, the more money you throw at, the chances are the better your results. This puts you on more even footing with websites that have been around longer (building Google cred and increasing rankings) and companies that can afford the ad space to jump them to the top of the search results (like Angie’s List and White Pages).

If you don’t want to pay for a premier WordPress SEO package, Google AdWords are an easy way to target specific groups of people at specific times. You only pay if people click on your site, so you’re only paying for results. This is a great option if your business does seasonal work – for example, a roofing company may use AdWords after a damaging hailstorm when more people are searching for local roofing services.

Another free boost are to gather positive reviews. Good reviews equal a higher Google rank – and good reviews on your Google Business page are even better. This can backfire if enough customers leave poor reviews.

AdWords is still reliant on keywords, though. Think of SEO as the website’s foundation: without good SEO, no amount of money will help your website rank.

Your presence on other tools is valuable, too.  Social media, Yelp, Google Business are all important when maintaining your overall SEO. 

Stop Playing Hide-N-Seek

If you have questions about your SEO, AdWords or Google Business, give us a call! We have web optimization packages for every budget to help your website win at Google Search hide-n-seek.

Remember – there are many avenues, but only one Spot!


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