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Selling Real Estate in the Season of Social Distance

April 1, 2020 (0) Comments

How can you sell a house when you’re advised not to leave your own? For real estate agents, the COVID-19 outbreak seems to pose a massive threat to business. However, I would argue there are more upsides to this situation for real estate than you may initially think. Here are a few things to consider taking advantage of while the world is on lockdown.

Up your photography game. When it seems like every industry is holding its breath, there’s an opportunity for self-examination. What is lacking in my business that needs some work? How can I come back from this pandemic twice as strong? For real estate agents, selling the house is important, but before a deal can even be considered, the client needs to be ‘sold’ on the pictures they see online. According to RIS Media, homes with high-quality pictures sell 32% faster. A good way to support a local business and increase your homes’ sell-ability is to hire a local photographer and get some professional-looking pictures of your houses taken. And when was the last time you updated your own headshot on your website? It may be time for that as well. So much more effort needs to be put into the online aspect of real estate, so why not put in that effort now?

Virtual tours and showings. Depending on the current regulations in place for your state, clients may not even allow anyone in the home they’re trying to sell, except for their real estate agent. Take this opportunity to create a few virtual tours. Even if have to must use your smartphone, a makeshift virtual tour is better than no tour at all! Not only will this give potential buyers more opportunities to shop online when they can’t leave their homes, but it will also add to the appeal of the house long after the crisis we’re facing has blown over.

Another practical way to put mobile technology to good use is to offer virtual showings. If the sellers allow you to enter their home, then Zoom and Facetime are great applications to use to connect with buyers.  Buyers have the ability to see the home, ask you questions, continue that personal relationship with their realtor and continue their new home buying search from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Advertise low mortgage rates. Because the Federal Government is trying to keep money flowing through the financial system, mortgage rates are notably low. NerdWallet says that at the beginning of March, mortgages are at their lowest point since 1971. As a result, there are a lot of eager buyers and not many sellers. Capitalize on these low mortgage rates to spur on business and advertise the low mortgage rates to your clientele. Who knows what sort of business may come from a brief newsletter or social media graphic?

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And remember…there are many avenues, but only one spot!


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